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Case Study: Activating Rogers Communications’ Digital Transformation Journey

At 17seconds, we believe in evolution. We help great companies thrive in an evolving, digital world. We believe that in the face of evolution great people grow, great leaders lead and great companies thrive. Rogers Communications is one of the great companies that is growing stronger every day in the face of evolution.

Rogers is an iconic Canadian brand. Founded in 1960 by Ted Rogers, it is the largest telecom company and one of the largest media companies in Canada. As with many established businesses, it is being challenged by changing customer expectations, driven by the new capabilities and business models brought to life by the rapid evolution of digital.

In line with its history of innovation, Rogers has launched its own digital evolution, committing time, effort and resources toward a customer-centric transformation. They have invested in a series of transformation programs, ranging from improved digital customer journeys to the optimization of internal processes. In 2018, 17seconds had the good fortune of partnering with Rogers on several of these initiatives.


Advance Roger’s digital capabilities and experience by redesigning the tools, techniques and customer touchpoints to help them thrive in the face of evolution. To meet these objectives, we partnered with Rogers’ design, product and development teams on an 8-month engagement to:

  • Lead a redesign of critical web properties, Rogers.com and Fido.ca.
  • Expand the use of Design Thinking and other customer-first methodologies in the product and service development process.
  • Help build a state-of-the-art Design System to ensure consistency and enable efficiency in the design and development process.

By the end of the engagement, not only did Rogers and Fido have more effective, user-friendly web properties, they also had a world-class enterprise Design System, Service Design Principles to guide all product and service development, and a Customer Journey methodology to ensure customers are the focus of everything they do.

Discovery, Planning, and Strategy

We began the engagement by interviewing approximately a dozen key stakeholders, diving into existing user research and analytics data, and performing a comprehensive competitive review. This provided us with a good baseline for the current state and prepared us for a highly productive kickoff with the full team.

We then led a two-day Design Thinking workshop with thirty-seven cross-functional team members from business, product, design, technology, and marketing. Through the workshop the team:

  • Aligned on project goals, responsibilities and collaboration model.
  • Identified and mapped ideal user journeys.
  • Used the journeys to set priorities for the redesign.
  • Co-created a set of design principles to guide the project.
  • Built the foundation for a collaborative, agile engagement model.

The research, interviews and, workshop provided us with the background and insights needed to develop a comprehensive design strategy.

Design and Systems Build

Over the next several months, we worked hand-in-hand with the Rogers.com and Fido.ca in-house design teams, as well as members of their development and product teams, to redesign every core element of those sites.

In addition to the standard practices of producing user flow diagrams, wireframes, visual designs, motion studies, and prototypes, we also worked together with those teams to implement best-in-class tools, processes, and frameworks. This collaboration resulted in much more than two new websites. It helped to transform the way their teams saw themselves, worked together and aligned on how to best serve the customer and meet business objectives.

Finally, we helped Rogers with the strategy and requirements for a state-of-the-art enterprise Design System. We believe that Design Systems are critical for the success of any digital transformation, as it enables collaboration, design consistency and efficiencies that free teams to focus on what matters. The Design System Rogers developed utilizes an atomic design structure, provides company-wide access to the latest design patterns via Sketch and InVision’s DSM and links elements in the UI Kit directly to coded modules.

Prior to this engagement, common elements were being “re”-designed and re-coded by different designers and developers, creating many versions of the same component and wasting countless hours. With the new design system, all designers are using the same set of components in their new designs and developers are using the same set of existing modules. The design and development teams now have a clear process, working together to create new modules as needed and add them to the design system, ensuring that everyone has access to all of the latest and greatest elements regardless of where in the organization they were created.


  • The complete redesign of two web sites that served as a catalyst for activating Rogers’ broader digital transformation through the lens of customer journeys.
  • A Design System that empowers teams with the resources, guidance, and efficiencies to support Rogers’ digital transformation.
  • A broader utilization of Design Thinking tools and frameworks to inject a customer-first mindset into their standard operating procedures.
  • Rogers is a truly great company that is evolving quickly into a digital-first leader in its industry. 17seconds is proud to have partnered with them on such an important part of their journey.

Come say “Hi” and learn more about how 17seconds can help activate your digital transformation journey or visit us on Instagram.



We believe that great people and companies thrive in the face of evolution. We help great companies transform their products, services, and businesses utilizing the power of lean product development, strategic design and collaboration.

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