Getting Perspective

Interview With The Bro

Social media has grown a lot since the days of Myspace, what do you think caused the increase demands for new websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr?

The reason why they invented all these social media is that people can be connected towards other individuals. However, the thing is that for instance, let’s use Facebook for an example. You can like certain pages that you wanna see. However, people choose to watch live videos of fights, people robbing, crimes, and cops shooting people. It’s just depending on what you wanna drive for your windows to see what’s going on in the world

The word violence, what does it say and mean to you?

Violence means that you’re going to do actions that’s going to cause more violence which will lead to the same domino effect going back and fourth. That’s what violence is. What it means to me is that I don’t know, it’s everybody’s dark side of the shadow.

When violence spreads, it ends up on the web and is transported to all the social media sites. Why do you think this is happening?

The reason why it is happening is because people have nothing else to give to social media. More people would rather video record people fighting rather than breaking up the fight. People just do it for their own pleasure that way they can actually feel good about themselves even though there’s nothing beneficial about the violence.

Why is it that violence in a video game is considered harmless while viewing it on a website causes more damage?

Well the video game is virtual so all of it is unrealistic. Although, when its social media, live action and all that, it’s like news, just live action. Playing a violent game does have an impact on its viewers to be honest. For instance, GTA 5 obviously you can shoot up a lot of people and other video games which are also bloody and gory, it just promotes the violence. However it’s not like the realistic violence that is going on today.

Who are impacted the most when it comes to violence?

Violence implies to anyone who also gives out violence because you’re just asking for it. It’s like the saying treat people how you want to be treated so thats how it is.

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