Getting Perspective

Interview with the Famous and Notorious Lucky

I did this interview with a close friend of mine. We were chilling at my house.

Question: How does it feel to be 18 in America? Do you think if you were 18 anywhere else you would feel the same?

Answer: In America you don’t have enough leverage as you would in another country. As a young adult you have to be conscious of your actions and make sure it doesn’t harm your future.

Question: Do you think your race has anything to do with how you feel about being 18?

Answer: No, race is something you deal with throughout your life. It will always have a role in society.

Question: What do you think about all the police brutality that has been going on? Do you think that race has a lot to do with how police brutality works?

Answer: Many lives have been lost due to police brutality, I’m glad that people are finally taking a stand. Race plays a big factor in police brutality, most of those being beaten or hurt by police brutality are those of color. You never see anyone that is white being hit by cops.

Question: Do you personally feel affected by all the police brutality that has happened all around the world?

Answer: No, it doesn’t affect me.

Question: There is a HashTag called Black Lives Matter, how do you feel about that? Do you agree or disagree with the HashTag?

Answer: Black lives do matter because skin color does not define who we are as an individual. Yes, I do agree with the hashtag because it brings awareness to those who are being damaged by the police.

Question: How do you personally feel about police?

Answer: There will always be good cops and bad cops. It is the way that you handle a situation with a police officer.

Question: Do you feel education is a key factor in being able to fight against all this unjustful acts?

Answer: Yes. education in police brutality can raise awareness to youth and put an end to police brutality.

Question: Do you think if everyone came together to talk about the situations that have been going on with the police that we could resolve the problems?

Answer: Yes, if Police officers and civilians came together to solve these problems there would be less violence between both parties.

Question: In the future do you believe that America will change for the better or for worse? Explain why.

Answer: As long as America lets cops use weapons, there will be a dark future ahead of us.

Question: With all the unjustful death, why do you think people reacted with violence? Would you have reacted in violence?

Answer: I would have reacted with violence because it sends a strong message around the world and social media that police brutality should no longer be apart of society.

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