Story Of My Life

Losing a loved one is always one of the hardest things to go through emotionally. When you get a call or a knock on the door and hear the news. But worse than having someone suddenly die is knowing that death is coming, knowing that someone you love will be gone and it’s only a matter of months, weeks, or days. When I was 12 my grandma was diagnosed with cancer. Over the next year I saw her slowly slip away before me and there was nothing I could do about it.

This event has shaped my life because during that part of my life I had to endure one of the hardest things that anyone has to go through. Even through all the sadness and emotional distress it caused me, I still managed to do well in my academics and out of school activities like soccer. In school it was tough to keep up with my classes after my grandma passed away, I would not be able to focus on the lessons or understand the homework assignments. This was affecting my grades severely but I had to get past this or find a way to regain focus on my studies. At first I tried working alone in school while I did assignments and class work. I thought this would help out in my situation. Turns out I was wrong because what I really needed was to be working with other classmates and friends to help me get back on track. In soccer, I had almost the same problem — that I could not play at my full potential or that I just did not want to play at all. I repeated what I did with school in soccer, at first I stopped playing soccer completely until I realized that I needed to start playing again with friends to help me get over this difficult time in my life.

This event made me the person I am today because I learned that there is always going to be difficult times in your life but you need to overcome it and go on with your life. Life is always going to throw obstacles your way but you need to find your own way to deal with it because others have their own way to overcome their obstacles and their way might not help you in your current situation. This did not only shape who I am today but also with obstacles that I will need to overcome in the future like in college or in future jobs and careers. I can use what I went through and apply it to problems that I face in my everyday life. For example if I have a friend that has recently had a close family member pass away I can be there for support and give them advice on how to get over or deal with that situation. But I will not let this event in my life bring me down instead I am going to learn from it and excel.

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