Make Me A Mixtape

My soundcloud setlist x 10


The reason why I chose this song is because my partner D dedicated it to me. #TRAPKingQueen

A Drop in the Ocean

The reason why I picked this song is because whenever my partner D isn’t there I always reflect on the most amazing times we have together 💗, just so I don’t feel alone to keep a smile on my face.


The reason why I chose this song is because it mellows out my mood and calms me down.

Miserable at Best

I chose this song when I feel hurt and I need to pour my feelings out while sitting on the roof of my home or sitting in a tree.

Young Wild & Free

I chose this song because honestly sometimes you gotta loosen up and have some fun in your life, just break some walls in your lifetime.

See You Again

I chose this song because it reflects on a lot of my past where I can usually see it and feel those emotions again.

Selena Cumbia Medley

I chose this song because I love Selena and her music always makes me want to get up and dance and sing too! She’s always been an inspiration and she’s a strong woman.

Simple & Clean Utada Hikaru

I have this song because of a game Kingdom Hearts and this song just has so much meaning to it. It makes me melt.

Go The Distance

I chose this song because I always want to reach my goals and go far. Even though there’s a big distance to go through. Never give up!

Close your eyes

I chose this song because you don’t need to change yourself to be like others. You might end up making yourself look like a fool by trying to fit in.

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