Story Of My Life

Who Am I?

An Epic Poem

Who Am I?

Other than

A pre thought out image that society envisioned

I am (anonymous)

Fierce, & fearless

The funny one, but at times serious

I’ve watched myself grow and prosper

from that young black girl, always sitting in the office

From cursing at teachers, and fighting with girls

From detention every fridays, to the constant referrals

But I knew I had to change

basic stereotype to

A dove,

rising above

I’ve soared to the top,

above all the statistics

Ratchet girl,



pregnant at a young age

No daddy,

Grew up in the hood

Sell weed,

smoke & drink

But that ain’t me.

I’m determined to be,

all I can be,

My family wants for me,

what they couldn’t have,

A College degree,


and a home I can


& by home I mean dream

Just like Martin Luther King

A dream my ancestors had , that I will fulfill.

Daughter of a preacher

All eyes on me

Can’t mess up or nothin

Without it causing a scene

I didn’t ask for all the attention, that my daddy’s job brings

I try my best to be such the holy young girl


Yeah I cuss, wanna have fun

But shit I’m just 16

From Private to Public

I’ve seen it all

From rolling up skirts

to fighting in the halls

Boys trying to be men

Females thinking they know it all

Everybody tryna walk

before they can crawl.

Through your eyes I’m young

But this society I live in


Students without dreams

Boys creating seeds, with no means

Of taking care

2am sirens blaring

Some parents just aren’t caring

What happened to us just having fun

Friends getting killed by guns

Staying outside to get some funds

Losing out on what could be

Just to make some fast money

Reality tv has become what people

wanna be

Standing in line for shoes at 3

Who are we?

Section II: Going Waaaaaay Back

Ghana, West Africa

The origin of my struggles

When the white men came in

& started all the trouble

They captured my people

& threw them on a boat

Not knowing where they were headed

And never will they know

They were stacked & chained together

forced to suffer under harsh weather

Going Waaay back

To getting whipped on the back

1619 is where it all started at

We went from Kings & Queens

to worthless beings


treated like we had no meaning

Ghana , West Africa

A place like heaven


they captured us

So why did they take us

from our empire

in such a cruel way?

They wanted to take our


so they forced us

to be slaves

We were brought to

harvest tobacco

pick cotton

& do the white man’s work

Families torn apart

being sold different ways

Husbands without their wives

Babies sold away without

a name

Harriet Tubman

made a dangerous call

She took us through the


& brought freedom to us all

Then a pivotal moment

graced this nation

Abraham Lincoln signed

The Emancipation Proclamation

Which made us free

No more slavery

No more counting me

as Half a person

This was just step one to

Society’s conversion

Section III: Joining the Melting Pot

Minden, Louisiana

Raised on a former plantation

Placed there,

no choice

For so long my family

had no voice

Yes Sir

No ma’am

was an everyday thing

Not only to parents

But to their masters

in the big west wing

5 sets of little eyes

full of sorrow

Wondering if this will always be there


Never had wants

Didn’t even know

what that meant

Daddy Bust his ass

Just to get paid cents

Struggle was the worst

But victory was the best

Sometimes having Nothing

was Lifes biggest test

See we came from the bottom

but now were at the top

That day when the master

sold the property to pops

See we know how

to build

grow crop

and cook

Momma never raised no dumb kids

We were smarter then we looked

Looking for better life

To never look back on

such strife

Bringing little luggage

Hopes of a better budget

As they start a new life

in Daly City, California

Building walls

from the ground up

that will become

covered in love

Can’t believe my family went through

All the above

Section IV: Current Reality


something we fight for

But damn hard to receive

We protest and march

but nothing seems to give

Tryna create a better world

For these children to live

We got so many examples

Of how we should live

But being Young

in this world

Its kinda hard

Not to sin

2008 is when I knew

that the respect for my people had finally grew

we had someone new

Was our president really black?

I’ve lived to say it was true

My president being a Black man

Gave hope to Change in the world

At least it had seemed as though

the world was coming together

Until Trayvon Martin grabbed his sweater

Another young brother gone too soon

Soul floated to the air like a balloon

Do you ever think about his aspirations?

His goals in life

that were just that fast


What happened to that dream?

Martin Luther King had

It means nothing to our generation

& yes that is sad

He marched & preached

All around Montgomery

Tryna create peace

For The African Americans

He was our voice

To our silent cries

The tissue for our weary eyes

He gave us hope , and he never had a doubt

That He himself could turn this Nation around

Now he wasn’t by himself

his mission was never completed

I bet after they shot him dead

they thought the movement was defeated

Rosa Parks

a women with so much courage

With emmett till on her mind

Her activist passion, was burnin

She knew the law , and she knew it well

But at that point them laws could go to hell

They asked her to give up her seat

She refused

They cuffed her up

but she already knew

She sparked a movement

A revolution for equality

Section V: Thinking Ahead

We define our Culture by how we cope

They always preachin’ to us

Just to have hope

While our ancestor’s dreams go up in smoke

We continue just to blow

& sell dope

But the time is now

if anything is gonna change

The key word is faith

& in the strength of his name

We black and we proud?

but continue puttin’ each other down

Trust me there’s no need for

no KKK

We killen our brothers & sisters


Then blame the white man

for making us this way

There’s single mothers

Living on government funds

Young brothers losing they

Life to these guns

& our sisters

Out on the run, cause

they gettin no love

children being created

simply out of lust

faded memories and no trust

The next generation

trying to grow

but they simply

don’t know

how to survive in Struggle

Without getting themselves in trouble.

So I hope for the future

things can truly change

There is a chance for the Sun

To shine through the rain

Equality for all

freedom to be

A doctor or lawyer

anything you can see

Envision the best

Never settle for less

and you may end up

better than the rest

Now instead of so many funerals

lets see some more graduations

Lets see some young black kids

succeeding in education

Becoming more than

what they ever said they would

accomplishing everything

they never thought they could

I now see why my name was made for me

I now see why my ancestors struggled for me

I am discovering the mystery

Of my history

I understand the adversities

And why they hurt,


I understand why they took whips on the back

& the discrimination

just because they were black

I understand why rosa parks didn’t give up her seat

it was So there could be a place

for me

My history defines me

From the color of my skin

To the stature in my walk

To the religion i believe in

To the way that I talk

Now ask me again, who am I?

I am Not anything that Society Calls me to be

I am C

And I am

My history!!!

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