You’re probably sitting on a chair right now. Try to reimagine it. How could you be sitting on a chair without it being an actual chair? Too confused? Well, maybe you should take a look to Put Put’s work. The duo is flying from Copenhagen to Abrantes for a workshop and meanwhile you can get to know them a bit better, before you have an eccentric time with them at 180 Creative Camp!

What do you want participants to really know about PUTPUT?

All we ask of you is to look twice!

What comes to your mind when you think about Creative Collaborations in Media Arts?

Opportunities to go beyond what one mind could think of!

What do you expect to create during your stay in Abrantes?

A cross between a performance and a sculpture! And hopefully to make lot’s of new friends!

What should we be listening, reading and watching right now?

You should listen to everything from the Australian band Total Giovanni!

We really enjoy “Allan Wexler, Absurd Thinking, Between Art and Design” published by Lars Müller Publishers. A fantastic look at a career spanning 45 years showing relentless curiosity in all aspects of his work.

Lady Dynamite on Netflix is twisted and darkly funny in the best way possible and not like anything you would expect from an American sitcom, you might need to watch a few episodes to get the hang of it!