Meet The Creator Class

The Creator Class is a project we really love, because it truly relies on the power of collaboration and stands for all creative minds all over the world. It seems so right to have them at 180 Creative Camp! Make sure you catch up on some of Chris Unwin’s suggestions before you meet him at Abrantes!

What do you want participants to really know about The Creator Class?

Our vision for building community around creativity and entrepreneurship. We think that there’s more potential for the artists of our day to make a living and an impact in our modern connected world, if they’re able to forge that connection.

What comes to your mind when you think about Creative Collaborations in Media Arts?

We’ve always made a point of transcending any one field, genre, or clique. I love the idea of people coming together from across cultures and disciplines. It forces you to rethink what’s possible in your own work, and can yield totally unforeseen results.

What do you expect to create during your stay in Abrantes?

New friendships, and inroads for expanding The Creator Class community in Europe. We’d love to find more ways to collaborate with creatives around the world, and to bring our North American community’s projects overseas.

What should we be listening, reading and watching right now?

Watching “Abstract” on Netflix to see beautiful, intimate portraits of some of the world’s top designers. Listening to Sam Harris’ “Waking Up” podcasts for insightful, philosophical inquiries on modern life. Reading Twyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit” for insights, rituals and best practices for a robust creative life. Watching Alain De Botton’s “School of Life” YouTube channel for honest, entertaining life lessons through modern philosophy.

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