Simon Landrein under a magnifying glass

French London based artist Simon Landrein has his very own naughty genre. He’s been making illustration professionally for roughly 2 years now and it was kind of the result of a simplification process. He used to be known for more complex drawings and compositions, but after simplifying it he found out he could produce much more and better art.

He started with small comics that soon were recognized for its distinctive voice.Through his comics and animations with sharp figures and high contrasting yet few colours, he tells stories often using a really closed-up perspective. It looks as though his work his always put through a magnifying glass.

We were happy to have him with us in 180 Creative Camp’s last edition. He developed a bunch of comics inspired in that hot crazy week, in his characteristic naive tone. Meanwhile, Diogo Lima, a young portuguese director was invited to spend the week in Abrantes in order to make a new episode of 180 ID about Simon Landrein. This type of collaborations are rooted in 180 Creative Camp, as it is our aim to give space for young artists to create.

Our film crew shooting the interview with Simon

Landrein talked about his influences, that run from Tintin comics to cheesy american movies from the 90’s, and the perks of digital illustration for messing around until you get it right. Since Diogo Lima also has a subtle humorist approach, we think this was a match made in heaven.

Here you have the comics Simon made during his stay at 180 Creative Camp: