1 Million Gmail Users Impacted by Google Docs Phishing Attack

1 Million Gmail Users Impacted by Google Docs Phishing Attack

Researchers said good social engineering and users trust in the convenience afforded by the OAUTH mechanism guaranteed Wednesdays Google Docs phishing attacks would spread quickly.

New Mac Malware Manages to Spy on Encrypted Browser Traffic

This blog was written by Douglas McKee. Theres a new cyberattack targeted at Mac OS usersa malware program called OSX/Dok. Discovered late last week primarily in Europe, the program is capable of spying on encrypted browser traffic to steal sensitive information. You heard correctly: it can eavesdrop on all of your web browsing….

Why you should enable two-factor authentication everywhere, just not on SMS

Heres why I recommend you activate 2FA on all the sites you use that offer it, which include popular accounts like Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Where possible, however, I also recommend you not use 2FA on SMS….

Social media emerging as the most valuable target zones for cyber attackers

MUMBAI: Next time you post details about your workplace and job description on social media websites, be careful you could emerge as the potential target of hackers and cyber criminals. Cybercrime experts and forensic consultants say that hackers scour ……

Gannett Co data breach: 18,000 employees reportedly affected

Gannett Co, which owns a host of media titles across the US, has reportedly suffered a data breach following a phishing attack.

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