Let the kids dance with lions

Lunar New Year 2018
Sunday, February 18th

Throngs of families flocked to 1880 on the third day of the Lunar New Year. It was mayhem. Little children scurried around the club and expressed bountiful creativity with paint, glue, and glitter. Were we prepared for this? Definitely. What we did not anticipate was the life and unfettered joy that overflowed from the space.

From painting with brushes and fingers to having their faces painted, the kids shrieked with delight as they saw each other morph into unicorns, dolphins, and baby sharks. Mums entrusted their daughters to our slime-making table, “she makes slime at home all the time.” The experts started to bond over their newfound slime connection, and filled the room with chatter as they whipped up glittery slime with glue and baking soda.

Over at the other end of the room, kids hunched over pyssla beads, shushed and focused as they carefully picked up tiny beads to line their board. No two beads of the same colour could be next to each other.

Once the kids heard the rat-tat-tat drumming, they darted straight out of the room. They were greeted with two prosperity lions at the entrance of our kaleidoscopic tunnel, who danced alongside them out onto the outdoor terrace.

The playful antics of the furry creatures teased and amused the little ones.

While the lions pranced around all corners of the club, the outdoor terrace was transformed into a water fight battlefield. The kids ran amok with Super Soakers and water bombs and vouched to leave no man dry.

As we found out, playing is hard work. Winding down, the kids snuggled in the Recovery Room on a catnap sofa lined with pillows. They treated themselves to screen time they had been craving for the entire week.

It was a sensory-rich Sunday filled with simple, messy fun — the way kids like it. Just for them, we are introducing kids movie screenings from the month of March every Sunday. Here’s wishing you every success in the year ahead. Gong Xi Fa Cai!