January 24, 1999

Introducing the double exclamation sad face conveying extreme surprise and sadness all in one.

Today I finished my persuasive essay outline and essay, then found a mistake and had to print two pages again. My science book thing — well, I worked hard, and I saved it on the disk, then when I popped it in again, it said that it was screwed up (I mean, it didn’t say that, but the words were meaning that. Umm… okay.) Anyway, I had another part of it in my folder (When I first worked on it, I saved it on the computer, then transferred it onto a disk, then from then on I worked only on the disk, which wasn’t a wise thing to do) and worked on that. Also while I was on the computer I made a new desktop pattern, which is really easy to do — you just (well, I just) went to ClarisWorks and used the spray paint can tool with different colors, then copy paste copy paste till the whole page was covered, then took the whole page, copied it, then pasted it in the desktop program. Today my brother gave me this little miniature gumball machine that’s so cute, I think it’s about 1 inch tall. He said Kelly gave it to him, but I can never believe what he tells me. By the way, he still owes me 8 bucks, since he’d stolen 10 from my money jar on my desk which is no longer a money but candy jar. He then gave me 2 bucks, which 1 in quarters I think he got from the parking meter change in the car and (doesn’t it sound like we only have 1 car? Like I said before, we have 2) my mom’s purse. 10:31 pm

All non-italicized text is taken verbatim from my journal I wrote 16 years ago in 1999 when I was 13, preserving as much of the original formatting as possible.

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