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Getting Into Teaching Is Easier Than You Thought

Becoming a teacher is an exciting prospect to take on and has plenty of benefits. You may have a passion for educating the next generation, or enjoy working with children, or both! There are many aspects to becoming a teacher and you don’t have to specialise in certain subjects or disciplines.

So, are you looking to get into teaching? We’re here to help you on your teacher journey to get hired by a school, college or other educational institution.

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Why should I become a teacher?

Becoming a teacher can be an exciting route to go down. If you have a passion for a topic taught in schools, inspiring or coaching others, a career in the classroom could be for you.

Teaching can be broad in terms of where you can work. The choice includes primary schools, secondary schools, special needs schools, boarding schools, vocational or sixth form colleges and even university.

Stepping foot into teaching

If you are set on becoming a schoolteacher, there are different paths you can take to begin your career journey. Even if you don’t start with these ideas, you will no doubt have interpersonal and transferable skills from other experience that can be applied for your teaching career.

What skills do I need?

Getting into teaching doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you meet the skills required.

Depending on the discipline you wish to specialise in, you may need to be good at mathematics (as an example). If you are sporty and care about children’s physical health and wellbeing, you may need to have good stamina and fitness to be a PE teacher. Generally speaking, you will need to be a good motivator, coach and communicator for the school students.

Nevertheless, passion and motivation overall can go a long way to help you pursue a job in teaching.

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Do I need any qualifications?

To become the leader of the classroom you will need to complete a training course to become a qualified teacher with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

However, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), will allow your teaching CV to stand out more. This qualification will offer more academic richness to your teacher profile. If you are based in Scotland, you will need to study for the Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

After completion of the PGCE or PGDE, you will be recognised with Qualified Teacher Status.

Try teaching overseas

With a PGCE qualification, this teaching status is also recognised outside of the UK, and you can have the opportunity to teach kids abroad. Have you always dreamed of travelling to a particular country to work in your dream job? Now you can!

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Other jobs like a teacher

There are other professions similar to teaching, when taking into account your passions, personality and skills. You could be a Careers Advisor, Job Coach or a private Tutor to help young people’s careers and education prospects.

Start teaching workshops with 1HOUR

If you have spare time on your hands and want to test your teaching skills, 1HOUR can help. We run free workshops through schools to teach pupils a range of disciplines, like computing. With 1HOUR, you can become a volunteer and start coaching the many schoolchildren.

Sign up today as one of our volunteers to teach the next generation in the classroom!



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