How to start volunteering and how much time does it take?

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Think about your interests

What could I volunteer for, you ask? Begin by thinking where your passions lie and what activities motivate you every day. Asking yourself these questions will be a good indicator for how you could become a volunteer.

What causes are you passionate about?

When fundraising or volunteering for a charity, do you have one particular cause in mind or a variety? Are there charity awareness days you enjoy taking part in each year?

Weigh up your career prospects

You may be starting out in your career or looking to build on essential industry skills, so keep an eye out for the vacancies you think will benefit you.

What skills do you want to build on?

Have you always wanted to become a leader but not had the chance to see if this works for you? Now is your chance by volunteering your time to see if this is suitable.

How to start volunteering — Online Resources for Volunteers

Apart from directly going to these charities and organisations to enquire about opportunities, there are also online resources you can turn to. Here are some places to explore:

  1. CharityJob — Despite the name of the website, CharityJob does contain a ‘Volunteering’ section with a whole host of vacancies for you.
  2. Council websites — Your local council or local authority may have a section visible on their website looking for volunteers to help in the community.

Hours as a volunteer

Once you have made up your mind you may begin to think, but how much time should I be dedicating?

How to start volunteering with 1HOUR

Are you still wondering how to start volunteering?