1inch launches phase 2.0 of its Community Builders Program

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4 min readMar 28, 2024


The primary emphasis of phase 2.0 is on educating the online Web3 community about 1inch’s tech, with a sub-focus on the APAC region.

Are you passionate about the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) and looking to play a pivotal role in shaping it? Do you find yourself drawn to the innovative potential of Web3 technologies? If so, the Community Builders Program (CBP) by 1inch is launching Phase 2.0 of its program and open to new applicants!

Empowering progress: phase 2.0

The CBP stands as a beacon of empowerment, rallying supporters of 1inch to amplify awareness and appreciation for its groundbreaking value proposition. As we move forward, our focus will be laser-sharp: fortifying 1inch’s presence through dynamic online content creation and engaging real-time discussions across social platforms.

During the first stage of the Community Builders Program, our efforts were manifold, as we solidified our mark in hosting community gatherings, imparting DeFi enlightenment at prestigious universities in Paris, making deeper intros in the crypto community in Korea, and co-hosting illuminating Builders Nights with titans like ConsenSys, MetaMask, and Polygon. Our technical workshops in Europe and New York served as bastions of knowledge, fostering deeper understanding of 1inch’s intricacies.

As we enter the program’s second stage, our gaze shifts to the digital realm. We aim to enlighten the global Web3 community about the marvels of 1inch’s technology, reaching far-flung corners through translated content and engaging discussions. With a particular focus on the APAC region, we are committed to bridging linguistic barriers, speaking directly to the hearts of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese-speaking crypto enthusiasts.

Community builder roles and responsibilities

Our program is structured across four distinct tracks, each overseen by a dedicated track leader. If you have experience facilitating teams, consider taking on a leadership role. A brief description and mission for each track:

Social media posts: Harness the power of platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram to amplify 1inch’s presence. If content is your strength, craft compelling narratives with us to showcase what 1inch can do for crypto users. Initiate conversations that spark curiosity in others to explore the depths of what our tech has to offer.

Translation and blog posts: Is the pen your modern-day sword? Become a beacon of knowledge by crafting insightful content and translating 1inch documentation into languages that resonate with our diverse audience.

Community engagement: Socialites with a knack for building connections, bringing people together, and hosting events will want to dive into this area of our community, organizing unique online activities, and fostering meaningful discussions.

X degens: Energized by rapid-fire group missions that are impactful and fulfilling? Be a part of our frontline warriors squad, and advocate for 1inch in real-time with a small task force. Identify opportunities to shout out 1inch’s strengths, debunk myths, and defend its reputation when the occasion rises.

Selection criteria

We’re seeking individuals who understand the mechanics of 1inch and are passionate about its transformative potential in the DeFi realm, to grow our community this year. Whether you’re a seasoned community builder, a marketing maven, or a tech enthusiast, if you’re looking to make an impactful contribution to Web3, consider applying.

Application process

Interested in becoming a 1inch community builder? Complete our application form so we can get to know you. If selected as a candidate, we’ll reach out and set up an interview with a 1inch core contributor to meet you and discuss your application. Successful candidates will select their track, be guided through our onboarding process, and are able to start making a difference on Day 1.

Community builder requirements

We’re looking for applicants who are active in the Web3 arena, and have proof of previous involvement in a crypto-focused community. Your passion, Web3 interests, knowledge and skills come into play, whether you’re a meme master, a crafter of witty social media posts, can penn articles with clearly articulated ideas, an instant hit in any community you join, or great at championing values in digital battlegrounds, we’d like to hear from you! Together, we’ll pave the way for 1inch’s ascension in the DeFi space.

Benefits for community builders

As a valued 1inch Squad member, you’ll gain access to an array of perks, including widely coveted 1inch merch, tickets to illustrious events in your city, enlightening AMA sessions with core contributors, and immersive training workshops.

Once community builders reach official status, they become a part of the 1inch family. We’ll seek opportune moments to highlight the quality content created. Creators deserve recognition for their accomplishments, especially if they’re showcasing 1inch and telling the story in unique methods.

Most of all, you’ll be collaborating and interfacing with a vibrant and tight knit community of other community builders and 1inch core contributors. We’ll work on initiatives and missions, help each other out, grow and celebrate wins together.

Training and support

To ensure that the 1inch Squad is ready to take on community missions, you’ll receive unparalleled support every step of the way. Our onboarding process, educational presentations, and ongoing guidance ensures that you’re equipped to make a tangible impact in the world of DeFi.

Join us as we embark on this exhilarating journey, shaping the future of decentralized finance one community at a time. Together, we’ll propel 1inch to greater heights, forging a path towards a more inclusive and vibrant decentralized ecosystem.

Embrace the power of community — join the CBP today!



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