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2 min readMay 6, 2024


The 1inch Network is happy to present you the April digest of major news and updates.

Updates, news and integrations

In early April, the 1inch Card was released, enabling users to spend their crypto for online and in-person purchases and make cash withdrawals at supported ATMs through seamless crypto to fiat conversion.

Issued by Crypto Life and powered exclusively by the Mastercard network, the 1inch Card aims to make the user journey even more seamless. Through instant conversion from crypto to fiat currency, the 1inch Card allows users to spend their crypto to pay for online and offline purchases around the world wherever Mastercard is accepted, while still retaining custody of their funds.

The 1inch Card comes in the form of a physical card, as well as a virtual card, providing users with all benefits of a standard debit card.

Meanwhile, the 1inch Wallet’s version v2.3.2 for iOS was released, offering users advanced token management and a revamped address book.

April also saw a few other notable integrations. Automated Redemptions Manager was integrated with #1inch, making 1:1 $stETH to $ETH redemptions possible through Origin Protocol. In addition, Swaap Earn, Origami Finance and SphereOne were integrated with 1inch.


In April, 1inch founders and contributors continued their presence at major crypto events worldwide, promoting 1inch and DeFi in general.

On April 5, 1inch CFO Chae Ho Shin participated in the Institutional Digital Assets Summit in Hong Kong.

On April 8, 1inch co-founder Sergej Kunz took part in the Mastercard Crypto Day with Massimo Cervesato from Mastercard, Jean-François Rochet from Ledger and Simon Jones from the Baanx Group.

In his keynote address at the Paris Blockchain Week, held in the French capital on April 9–11, Sergej elaborated on intents, a trending concept in DeFi. You can check out the main highlights of his talk in this post.

On April 13, 1inch co-founder Anton Bukov participated in ETHDam with a keynote speech on DeFi value flows. A video of his presentation is available here.

Also, on April 25, Sergej Kunz delivered a keynote address on 1inch’s origins at the Spark 3.0 event by MilestoneBased in Dubai.

Key stats

1inch Fusion: $25.2B in volume, 2.8M swaps, 821.2K users

Ethereum: $366.5B in volume, 17.7M swaps, 3.1M users

BNB Chain: $45M in volume, 27.1M swaps, 5.4M users

Polygon: $26.4B in volume, 23.1M swaps, 3M users

Optimism: $6.1B in volume, 2.8M swaps, 665.7K users

Base: $2.1B in volume, 2.6M swaps, 598.1K users

Avalanche: $7.8B in volume, 2.8M swaps, 645.5K users

Fantom: $1.4B in volume, 1.5M swaps, 159.6K users

Arbitrum: $20.4B in volume, 8.9M swaps, 1.6M users

Gnosis: $627.4M in volume, 2.4M swaps, 92.8K users

Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements from 1inch!



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