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A Special Gift for Mac Users

We recently encountered a perfect storm that caused macOS to prevent 1Password from launching. We released an update a few hours later to avoid this problem, but due to an issue with our automatic updater, everyone needed to manually update.

While 1Password failing to launch was caused by a macOS issue, and arguably the result of us being one of the first to use the latest and greatest technologies, I am still very sorry for the panic this may have caused.

I’m also very sorry for requiring you to take time out of your busy day to manually update 1Password.

And since I’m Canadian, I’m sorry that I’m sorry. 🙂 🇨🇦

A Gift For You

I wanted to give you a gift to help make up for the time it took you to manually update to the new version. I know your time is precious.

As much as I’d love to send you all a free 1Password t-shirt and some awesome stickers, the carbon impact on Mother Earth caused by shipping is prohibitive. So I thought of the next best thing…

I know you will enjoy our new 1Password membership along with all the new features that it unlocks. So I created a special deal just for you.

Sign up to our new 1Password Membership today and get an additional 5 months on your trial. That’s a full 6 months free when you sign up.

Sign up for your 6 month free trial

Once your trial ends, you’ll be able to use 1Password on all platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows, for as low as $2.99 a month. And best of all, you will get every new version of 1Password for free.

What a 1Password membership can do for you

I announced our new 1Password memberships back in August of last year and the response has been amazing. People love the additional features enabled by our hosted service, including:

  • Data loss protection
  • Brand new multi-factor security model
  • Item History for restoring deleted or changed items
  • Web access to your data on 1Password.com
  • Built-in automatic sync across all devices
  • Secure Document storage

In addition to all these features, you don’t need to worry about licenses or purchasing upgrades to major new versions.

You can learn more here but quite simply, 1Password memberships are the best way to use 1Password.

Security and Privacy

We built 1Password from the start on a foundation of Security and Privacy, and our new 1Password memberships have once again taken things to the next level.

First and foremost, our end-to-end encryption ensures all your information is encrypted before it ever leaves your device. The encryption keys are only accessible to you, so we are never able to decrypt any of your data.

Your Master Password (which only you know) is a key player in this encryption, but 1Password accounts also come with a new concept called the Account Key to make our encryption even stronger.

The Account Key is a randomly generated 128-bit key that is used in combination with your Master Password to encrypt your data using tamper-proof, authenticated 256 bit AES encryption.

Only you have your Account Key, and like your Master Password, it never leaves your devices. Along with your Master Password this ensures that no one but you will be able to access your 1Password data.

See our security page for details and all the things we did beyond just enabling TLS/SSL (we did that, too, by the way 😉).

Thanks again

I hope you enjoy your gift and give our new 1Password memberships a try. They really are the best way to use 1Password and I think you will love them. Be sure to use this link during signup so you get your first 6 months free.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend as well as your upcoming week. I for one am hoping for a less eventful week than the last one. 🙂




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