Custom Hooks + Firebase = 😍

Calum Moore
May 29, 2019 · 1 min read
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React hooks are absolutely awesome, they make abstracting away common utilities so incredibly simple!

I recently needed to use Firebase in an app (, and my default instinct was to Google “Firebase React module” to find some kind of Firebase helper that would work with React. I did find one, but it seemed a bit complicated to setup and then I had a thought…

What if I could use that new React Hooks thing? It’s both new and cool, so obviously that’s the way to go 😂.

So, here is my finished hook (easy, reusable):

For comparison, here’s an equivalent class approach (harder, not reusable):

The biggest advantage with hooks, is that you can re-use it in all of your components (and it works with function components too) — whereas the class approach needs to be manually copied across each time!

Hope that helps! 👍🏽

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