How Music Changed My Life in a Year!

Originally written by Pratiti Jain.

Music! This last one year of musical experience has changed me for better. Now, music has become an inseparable part of my life. It is like an escape from reality, from this otherwise boring life, where you do what you love. Yes, it makes me happy. Well, I am still a newbie and there is a lot to learn.

This is a story of finding my love for music in the midst of a regular life.
A still from my recent music video.

The introduction

It all started when I was in school. My mother and school teachers always told me that I can sing well and asked me to join vocal classes. As a result, I completed my first year in classical music (vocal). Just like any other maths student, went to Kota for JEE preparation. I discontinued the classes after one year for no solid reason.


Right before the board exams, I realized, sitting in a single room with FM radio that singing is the one thing that I loved the most. Then, I started recording my own voice after listening to the songs. At that point, I decided that I want to take this further.

The later and the better part

I joined the college with a hope. I wished for more like-minded people who could help me to learn and grow together. I was amazed to meet many talented people in the college, this small group gave me the opportunity to be heard.

In the very first event, I got that stage which I was in search of. I sang for the first time in college and got a little recognition. There onwards I participated in every college event. This year our club secured the first position in an inter-college competition at DAIICT (Gandhinagar). As a reward, our club got a chance to record a song in a recording studio!

What I’ve learned?

Practice; this is all it takes to stick to your interest. People with the similar interest, a stage, and opportunities act as a catalyst in the process.

I have learned and experienced a lot of new things and I am looking forward to more such interesting events to come and eventually keeping growing as music is something that makes me smile.


Our our first music video by the Music Club of IIITV —

Originally published at on May 19, 2017.