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Building 1UP

1UP officially launched last week, with much excitement. Various communities added our telegram bot (@oneupworld_bot) to their chat, and started playing with it (see overview article here).

In the first week of use, there were a number of requests that came up:

  • Can we add this bot to our Discord channel?
  • Can we use 1UP for our own DAO?
  • How can we reduce the amount of spam from 1UP in our chat?
  • What can we do with 1UP tokens?
  • + many many more great ideas

This article aims to outline what our plans are with 1UP, and how you can help make this happen :)

Effort 1: Expanding 1UP Functionality

Our priorities are to turn 1UP into a valuable tool for the entire Ethereum DAO ecosystem. Work on the next version of 1UP has already gotten started, and our priorities are as follows:

  1. Make the existing 1UP experience smoother, less spammy for communities
  2. Allow any DAO to launch their own version of 1UP, for DAOstack, Aragon and Moloch DAOs, moving towards a white label solution
  3. Expand 1UP to Discord, and other web2 communication tools

Effort 2: Building Rewards into 1UP

Why should people care about receiving 1UPs? That’s an important question, and without a good answer… well, people simply won’t care.

Once we allow for any community to run their own version of 1UP, it will be up to each community to decide what rewards look like. Our intention is to make it very easy to create rewards, and to display those rewards within the 1UP interface, for each commuity. Without closing this rewards loop, 1UPs are pretty meaningless, other than potentially bragging rights from sitting on top of the leaderboard.

More on this coming soon!

Effort 3: Building the “1UP Game”

The intention with 1UP was always to create a really simple game. The creation of this game has already started, an article outlining this will be released soon. If you are a designer or developer interested in contributing, please contact me or join our Telegram channel.

A 1UP game item created by the community member Kinchasa.eth

Stay tuned!




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