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Podcast? What? Why? 1UP

Why podcast? What does it do for the 1UP?

Well, podcasts are a medium of exchange that give us an intro into the world of gaming and crytpo. We are primarily a video game company, but with this project we are doing some pretty unique things.

People like talking about their new and unique projects. This is a great place and opportunity to discuss the coolest things that are coming to gaming in a friendly non-sales format.

The best way to discuss new ideas with people sometimes is to give them an opportunity to disagree with new ideas. Here at the 1UP, we want people to see the future of technology.

Having read an article yesterday where a pundit said you cannot use a World of Warcraft sword in Final Fantasy, I have only one question… Why not? Simply put, with the engine of the 1UP, you could… so, why not?



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