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The1ᵘᵖ Announcement

We are proud to announce, The 1UP, video game cryptocurrency crypto project. We are excited and honored to bring this project to the community, and to show that 1UP is the metaverse of tomorrow, TODAY. This is a year in the making in the background, perfecting technology that does not yet exist in the marketplace to make something new and exciting, and truly special,for apes and gamers alike. The 1UP feels familiar because we are familiar, made by folks in the gaming industry for years.

1UP Gaming allows you to communicate in-game on any console and on any game that is using our technology stack, via Emotifeel (its a technical term for allowing emotions as NFTs or vice versa, it’s really cool!) sticker packs in many of the games you love and play, and your NFT Emotifeel’s will be unique to you… imagine the implications! Beyond that 1UP technology does more than communicate. It allows you to OWN your gaming, not just rent or license it. This is technology that is far overdue, made by people that love gaming.

Your zombie smoking sunglassed Emotifeel will be ONLY you, and everyone you play with will know it.

Soon we will be posting more information on how to participate in the IFO (Initial Funguy (Fungi) Offering). In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about us, I invite you to follow us on social media by following us on Twitter or joining our telegram group. Those that help us grow as we know is necessary will be rewarded, the discord bot is being programmed as this is being written by code gnomes (they are small but powerful).

We hope to see many of you ape’ing into the 1UP ecosystem. We will have all the “fixings” of a crypto project, our own native token, a marketplace for NFTs, NFTs, a governance token, a team dedicated to helping video game companies use 1UP within their games, and a dedicated marketing and busdev team. We are built on a community of awesome people, and will be a world class ecosystem of crypto and gaming.

We also want you to see, we are not JUST a crypto project, but at the heart of it all, a project for gamers, by gamers.

Welcome to the 1UP.

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E-mail - hello@1upgaming.io



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