April 2019 — Tanjomoha, Madagascar

In April Prospect.io (through his foundation, 1x12) decided to honor Tanjomoha.

The foyer Tanjomoha was created in 1986 by Father Vincent Carme in order to provide professional training to young people with physical disabilities.

The centre has largely diversified since then and now cares — amongst other things — for malnourished children, orphans, sick people and other young people from destitute villages. It also dedicates a considerable amount of time to local development (agriculture, post-cyclone recovery, planting trees, etc.).

With its donation, Prospect.io expect to support the education of a group of children. To get a real chance to access good education, children should go to private schools which are unaffordable for most in Madagascar. As such, with only 5€, one can pay for a kid’s month schooling. By supporting this, Prospect.io supports a topic close to its heart: education for all.

For more information on the projects dealt by Tanjomoha, please refer to their website: http://www.tanjomoha.com/index.php/en/

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