Looking Ahead

The world I want to live in is a world powered by change. It is a world driven by design thinking, disruption, and metadata. It is a world unencumbered by the inequalities of our time. It is a world that challenges and shapes us as we challenge and shape it. It is a world of greater simplicity and greater complexity than ever before.

This is a world we can have — a world we do have. In its furtherance, we should commit not to ourselves but to each other. We must savor the little moments; allow them to change us. Love our experiments, and love ourselves as ongoing trials.We make things, dream things, move things, sings things. We begin now, learn always, capture the accidents that make it fun, delve deep. We eschew the known quantity; embrace our inner engines of change.

As we forward-march to 2013’s drum, let’s not forget our capacity for wonder, gratitude, and collective impact. Because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… are the ones who do.

To a healthful, happy New Year!


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