2014/15 #WOdyssey

Oct 28, 2014 · 3 min read

WO HD takes on the Silk Road

Today, 28–10- 2014, I’m ready to leave S.V. Desire, docked in Venice, and commence the longest journey of my life. I don’t know my means of transport nor my travel mates. Destination Goa, India.

Corte Sconta, Venice

With me, I will bring a passport and a backpack.

No money, no credit cards, no mobile phone, no pc.

I will rely on my strenghts, and on the help of those I’ll meet along the way.

I’m going to India since I had a dream, this summer, and during that dream I received a message: somebody wants to meet me there.

Was it this guy, Rama, the hero of the Ramayana Epic?

Seventh avatar of Vishnu, certain Norse legends recall of him being a hyperborean druid that left Europe to reach India and found the Indoeuropean empire.

In history, many tried to complete this long and amazing journey:

Maybe I dreamed Alexander the Great, who arrived to the banks of the Hindu River and died, leaving behind him a huge empire.

Or maybe, since I depart from Venice, I was really inspired by Marco Polo, the italian merchant traveller who travelled long through Asia, reached China and met Kublai Khan. He even managed to get back and tell his story to the Europen public.

Yet, truth is that

I’m no druid,

nor conqueror, nor businessman.

I hope my journey will prove that

the world is one, open, with no frontiers.

That money is not needed to travel

and that humanity is ready for a new era.

I hope to meet my love, who lives in the New World,

I hope to meet her along the way and on God’s golden shore.

I hope to meet my friends, who are everywhere.

Wish me a good trip.

Contact me if you want to join

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Goa Harbour

2014/15 #WOdissey

WO HD takes on the Silk Road


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    2014/15 #WOdissey

    WO HD takes on the Silk Road

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