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“A healthy lifestyle can be a SNAP with SNAP Pea.”

The goal of SNAP Pea is to be an interactive, engaging smartphone app that helps educate qualifying individuals on healthy eating habits. With recipes, store locator, nutrition facts and our shopping cart game those who qualify for federal SNAP food aid will be able to make better food choices for themselves and their families.

With the empowering nature of SNAP Pea, users can be educated on their food choices and escape the cycle of obesity plaguing our state.

But what can SNAP Pea do?

SNAP Pea is a companion to the SNAP federal food program, meant to help educate program recipients.

Welcome Screen

Our welcome screen allows the user to enter either a guided tour or skip ahead to access our other features. Our beautiful graphics, designed by our graphic designer Taylor Stalling, make healthy eating an exciting and colorful concept.

Landing Page

Above is our landing page, a report on the user’s current balance and a total of past Shopping Cart scorecards.

What is a Shopping Cart scorecard though?

SNAP Pea is a companion for the SNAP shopper, and is intended to be used as a guide to their real-life shopping experience. Shopping Cart scores are a fun tool meant to give an easy to interpret score based on the healthiness of the items bought with SNAP.

As they select items from grocery store shelves in real life, they can add it to their virtual shopping cart, and find out more about their individual selections via our search and barcode scanner functions.

Search Engine and Barcode Scanner Tab
Food Id Page

Shopping Cart is a gamification under the shopping cart icon. Once you have made your selections, and added them to the cart, the screen will look like the one below.

Shopping Cart Game Tab

They can then press the Checkout to Receive Score function, and get a report card that tells you how healthy your shopping decisions were.

Shopping Cart Scorecard

The gamification is our main educational function, but we also have other functions including suggested healthy recipes…

Recipe Tab

and a store locator which uses maps to find nearby grocery suppliers who accept SNAP benefits.

Store Locator Tab

Our full walkthrough is here.

Why make SNAP Pea? Who is it helping?

Our client, the people at SNAP-Ed, are looking for a product that can help educate the SNAP eligible on healthy eating habits.

Georgia is the 18th most obese state in the country, with 30.3 percent prevalence of adult obesity. 36.8 percent obesity rate of those with incomes lower than 25,000 (SNAP eligible income is roughly 20k).

We believe our project can help reach a portion of the population who are both eligible for SNAP and have mobile devices. Since Georgia has the highest mobile penetration rate for people eligible for SNAP, smartphones are accompanying SNAP users to the supermarkets. We think our app can help reach those users and give them the tools to beat the high odds for obesity, plaguing the SNAP-qualifiers and those who fall below the poverty line.

How are we doing this?

We are using basic Swift coding, led by our coder Stephanie Lennox, to create a beta product. We are also using the lessons found at as supplemental material so the rest of our group can assist. It is our hope to have the shopping cart game completely operational by our final presentation.

Who are we?


Project Management and Account Executive

Shelby Masters is a public affairs journalism and psychology major from Johns Creek, Georgia. She serves as the the opinions editor for The Red & Black and is a social media coordinator for Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Her passions are golden retrievers, Kanye West and creative writing.


Lead Development and Photography

Stephanie is a fifth-year magazine journalism and photojournalism major graduating in December. She is also receiving a New Media certificate as well as completing a Theatre minor. Stephanie currently works at Adult Swim as the production intern and has an intense love for cats.


Graphic Design

Taylor is a senior advertising major and entirely right-brained. Lover of graphic design and all things creative, she’s counting down the days until she can officially start her career doing what she loves.


Content Development

Michelle is a fourth year advertising student, who has long aspired to be a copywriter, which, in this case, means before she even binge-watched Mad Men. She is fascinated with the ever-evolving movement of technology and hopes to combine this with her love of writing in her future career.

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