Culture Indicators & Commentary

  • Marriage Rate
    With commentary by Amber and David Lapp: “A Generation in Conflict about Marriage”
  • Divorce Rate
    With commentary by Julie Baumgardner: “Divorce in Our Nation”
  • Total Fertility Rate
    With commentary by Mollie Ziegler Hemingway: “Having Children Helps — Not Hurts — Our Future”
  • Single-Parent Households
    With commentary by Eric Cochling: “Reinvigorating Family Life: Critical to Restoring Opportunity”
  • Teen Drug Use
    With commentary by Seth Leibsohn: “Teen Drug Use: Cultural Amnesia, Current Harm”
  • Abstinence Among High Schoolers
    With commentary by Caitlin La Ruffa: “Responding to the Sexual Revolution with Love and Fidelity”
  • Abortion Rate
    With commentary by Randall Wenger: “Pro-Life Convictions, Lower Demand for Abortions”
  • Religious Attendance
    With commentary by Daniel Mark, “Religiosity and the Future of Freedom”
  • Volunteering
    With commentary by Brian Fikkert, “Improving the Quantity and Quality of America’s Volunteerism”
  • Violent Crime Rate
    With commentary by Ken Blackwell, “Families, Churches, and Crime Prevention”

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Culture and the Challenge of Self-Government

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2016 Index of Culture and Opportunity

The Social and Economic Trends that Shape America

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2016 Index of Culture and Opportunity

The Social and Economic Trends that Shape America

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