Oops I broke the promise

About that…

This weekend was hard — very hard. I ATE MEAT. Let me explain what happened. On Sunday I had a full day out. I went walking at the park, I went walking at the mall and all I had eaten was breakfast. We (my family) were at the food court. My mom and dad both got a steak and cheese. My sister got a ham sandwich with lettuce and cucumber from Subway. Long story short I wasn’t feeling so good, I was hungry and the cravings were bad. My mom saw how bad I felt and bought me a 6 inch sub same as my sister. I didn’t even think twice about eating it. Afterwards I felt bad. I had been really trying the past two weeks being vegetarian.

Conversation with my mom after I ate:

Me: That was so good….but I feel so bad eating it.

Mom: You have been doing great…but you really needed that. All you can do now is keep trying to keep your new lifestyle.

After the whole conversation