Begin to be Vegan

I am Carlos and I will be doing the Do One Thing project. For my project I will be going vegan. I was inspired to become vegan by my sister (who is vegan) and the documentary Cowspiracy. This documentary really brought to light how many problems the consumption and production of animal products is causing and will cause. Animal agriculture is a huge problem. Some problems that come from animal agriculture are shortage of freshwater, land usage (91% of Amazonian forest destruction is from animal agriculture), and large amounts of methane gas.

I will be doing this project for 28 days. I do not think it will be too difficult as we have many vegan recipes thanks to my sister, which the rest of our family has adapted to. I am excited to see if being vegan is for me and if this DOT project will extend into my whole life. Although I believe even if it’s not for me it would be selfish to not care about going vegan because instead of thinking about how the planet is being destroyed all I’d be thinking about were my taste buds. I think if everybody has this mentality and does one thing, it could make a huge difference.

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