Throughout time, climate change has had negative impacts because of human activity. For instance, people regularly use fossil fuel powered transportation such as bus, car, metro, airplanes or even boats to move from one place to another. Although this might appear to be something useful for the human life style, it is also comparable to digging our own grave. Most transportation vehicles emit carbon dioxide, which is a useful thing, but at the same time is unfavorable because carbon dioxide increases our planet’s temperature causing thermal expansion of our oceans and melting ice. This leads to sea level rise and the other major impacts to our planet.

This map produced by NASA shows the increase in temperatures around the world.

The 8th grade at Oyster-Adams Bilingual School is doing a DOT PROJECT. I’m starting a project where I won’t be using any vehicle that using oil as its energy source. I’m going to do this for four weeks and at the end I will determine the size of my impact by not depending on oil. My project is about riding a bike wherever I go to in my normal life. Doing this project inspires me because I am learning so much about climate change and I have seen the reality in which a lot of people ignore and don’t give a damn about it. My job right now is to be one more person showing that we can do more to solve this problem.