Can Week Three be Better Than Other Weeks?

As you may know, my week one for going vegetarian was a complete disaster. I ate chicken nuggets three times last week and I felt horrible. This week I decided to go full out try-hard and kept myself from eating meat. And you know what? It worked! For the past week I’ve been staying healthy, no bacon, no chicken nuggets, nothing.

Every morning I swear my mom was taunting me when she made bacon, sausage, and more in one day! The first day was tempting, but I got through, eating only cheerios and an orange. The next three days she made meat breakfasts, knowing I am vegetarian, but eventually I got past her tormenting, and could go morning after morning without meat.

Lunch was much easier. The only good meat that there is for lunch at school is the chicken, and they did not serve it that week. Also, on the weekend I went to Chipotle and got a fresh meatless, vegetarian bowl. It was definitely not as good as steak, but it won’t kill me.

For dinner my mom was much easier on me. She made yummy delicious mac’n’cheese, and salads using this recipe. Overall, I give this a fantastic, 5/5 week on going vegetarian.