Family Reunions are Full of Plastic

It’s hard people, it’s actually really hard. Plastic is everywhere. It surrounds you like a tortilla on a burrito. The thing is that a person doesn’t think about how many things are made out of plastic on a normal basis. I will admit that I have failed a few times.

Ok, story time. So last weekend I flew out to Minneapolis for a family reunion over Passover. Ugh it was so hard. On the airplane I like to get ginger ale and of course I forgot about my project. The flight attendant put the soda in the plastic cup, when I could have just asked for them to give it to me in the can. Also, when I was in Minneapolis we had a party with 35 people so of course they wouldn’t use glass cups. So I used a plastic cup. That’s not all. At lunch the next day we got sandwiches from the deli and I had a bag of potato chips and a plastic water bottle. I know, I know, I was just having a sip of my cousin’s but then I remembered I had a cold and couldn’t share. Oops! I also went shopping and got a plastic bag but I can reuse it so it’s all ok. Overall I have only messed up this weekend but I learned that for the next two weeks I need to be more careful if I go to another family reunion.

I have had to give up things that I didn’t think about in the beginning. The project has also stopped me from eating candy, which is something I am definitely addicted to. My younger brother decided to do the project with me this week. I am very pleased to know that I have impacted him to do the project with me, even if it’s only for one week.

Look at all this plastic

Come back next week for more.