First Timer

I am becoming a vegetarian because I want to make an impact on the world. If we stop eating meat the world would be such a better place for us and the future generations. The gases that cows produce are the same amount as a car, train, bus, and plane combined. All of this affects us in some way. The world is getting 2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer, which can effect places like India. All these things make me want to become a vegetarian but I have eaten meat my entire life and I feel like doing something that you’re not used to is going to be hard. I want to lose weight and make the planet a better place but at the same time I feel like I can’t. I am also excited because maybe this is a new beginning to something big.

If my class is able to make an impact on the world, things around us would definitely be so much better. If you can convince people to do things that can help their health and also help the world that’d be amazing! Do you ever stop to think about all the suffering the cows have to go through? They are killing these innocent animals and selling their body parts for what? It’s not even for a good cause. If we stop eating meat there would be less killings of cows and people would be much healthier. We wouldn’t even have the option of eating meat because people in the United States are fortunate enough to have other resources. Scientists say if we keep on doing what we are doing we will be in big trouble…and that’s scary!