First Week Gone

“First week is always the hardest” is what I heard from a lot of people. They were thinking that I was going crazy. But who are they to stop me?

Overall, this week went by really fast. Everyday I go meatless for at least a meal. Most of time it was lunch. Instead of a burrito or a turkey sandwich, I changed it for a Nutella sandwich or salad with fruits. Honestly, I felt way better with no meat for lunch. I felt like I had more energy at the end of the day. Not only am I making a positive impact for both my grade and our planet but also it is helping me become a better cook.

I was inspired by my awesome teacher Ms. Riggen. She gave some of my classmates ideas for what to cook if you plan to become vegetarian or vegan. Even though I’m not officially changing my diet, I still took her advice. For dinner, I try making food for my family that doesn’t involve meat in it. My family is Hispanic. I wanted to make something delicious from my culture and something healthy at the same time. I searched recipes in the internet and found the perfect one. I was determined to make vegetarian fajitas. (Make sure to check out their recipe!) Sure, it sounds easy to make fajitas for your whole family. But when you have your grandparents for judges, the pressure was on. I had to include the perfect mixture of flavor to impress them. When they ate it, they were in shock. They liked it! Which is a BIG step for me because my grandmother is a harsh critic.

I really like this challenge. I can transform it to a hobby. It’s helping me develop important skills for the future. I’m learning how to cook and how easy it is to make a change for our planet.