Jose’s beautiful bike, isn’t it?

First Week : My impression in the streets

I have been riding this bike almost two weeks in a row, without excuses. During this first week my impressions were not what I was expecting to have while biking in DC — I have encountered several challenges while riding the streets of DC. Problems came along on the first day on the way to school when I had to leave my little sister at the bus stop and wait for her to get on the bus. After she left in the bus, I biked on my own to get to the other stop bus where she is to get off. I don’t mind at all because it is my responsibility to take care of her every single day. While I’m happy to do it, it does complicate my morning routine. Another challenge of mine was to deal with cars. When on the side walk or in the bicycle lane, there’s always a risk to have an incident. And now, at the end of my first week of experience, I believe that is worth it to deal with these challenges in order to save the environment where all of us is are living.

There also benefits to riding a bike everyday. Queensland government has a web page with some advantages listed including:

  • Helps the health of the body
  • Helps the environment
  • Helps the economy
  • Helps socially
  • Helps transportation
A theme that people should think about