First week of being a vegetarian

Before I set my mind on becoming a vegetarian for a month I never thought of how hard it would actually be. Especially coming from a Latino family, it has been especially hard not craving my favorite foods. I encountered a particularly big challenge this past week when my mom made my all time favorite “fricase de pollo.”

I have decided to make my diet change a little easier on myself by letting myself eat eggs, as some vegetarians don’t eat them. I was also thinking of going pescetarian. The point of this project is to help the environment but also be a challenge so I will press on being a vegetarian.

This week has definitely been a challenge since I don’t live by myself and my mom cooks for me most of the time. When I told my parents I was going vegetarian they were worried about the protein and told me I would have to eat a lot of beans to get my source of protein. These past few nights I’ve had to cook dinner for myself, although I have not been creative at all. My goal is to try to “eat the rainbow” and become more creative with my dinner recipes.

I realized that vegetarian meals aren’t very restricting. I also realized that I need to do some grocery shopping because while vegetarian meals aren’t all that restricting, my pantry is!