First week of reusable water bottle

My first week of the DOT project was alright. I started thinking, “Why am I doing this?” Then I realized I’m helping the environment by reducing the amount of plastic going in the ocean. The 1st week has been challenging as I have found myself trying to keep up with my water bottle. I have a habit of losing my water bottles and before this project I had given up on using a reusable bottle for this reason. I thought it was impossible to keep up with a water bottle but then I learned that leaving disposable bottles in trash cans all around the DMV was worse for the environment and I was wasting money.

It’s been tough but I think I’m helping reduce my ecological footprint. A CNN post made in December shows that by 2050 there’s going to be more plastic in the oceans than fish! Most plastic doesn’t biodegrade. It breaks down in smaller pieces which attracts toxins you could be digesting up to 11000 pieces of micro-plastic each year and toxins come with them. China is leading in plastic polluting followed by Indonesia then Philippines.

In the future I hope that we are able to find a way to take out all the plastic and other things out the ocean.

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