First week of shorter showers

Taking shorter showers isn’t that bad. This first week of less time in the water was kind of hard. The first few days, I felt kind of weird because I didn’t get to stay in the shower as long as I wanted to.

Usually the times that I take a long time is because of my hair. During my baseline week a shower where I washed my hair took 24 minutes and this week it took 16 minutes. It is a very big struggle with this big fluffy pillow. Adding on to this, this project also has data collection. In my data table I have included the time of my shower, the flow rate and the gallons used. If you would like to see the process of how I collect my data, feel free to see .

Well this has just been an update of how my first week was going. It went very well for me. I hope it continues this way for the remaining time we have for this project.

Yes, please use your shower time wisely! Help our community by taking shorter showers :)