Getting there

Taking shorter showers week 2

Week two! Going pretty well but there is still room to improve! My average shower is about six minutes long but it still depends on the day. One thing I have improved on is when I get home after volleyball practice I am very tired and just want to take a long shower. However, the last time I got home from volleyball practice my shower was four minutes long.

After that short shower, I felt like I could really make a change, even though it was just one shower. This just shows that these small things can make you feel good and help the environment!

Today, I had a conversation with my friend Kaia that really showed me the reality of how long people’s showers are. She told me that one time her brother was taking a shower, and he took so long that the steam set the fire alarm off!

For this project, in addition to recording my quantitative data (the numbers) I have to record qualitative data (descriptions of my shower). Recording the qualitative data has been really hard for me, because sometimes it’s hard to remember how I took a shorter shower or what made me take longer than usual.

To conclude, take shorter showers!