Hard Struggles Show Good Results

On my first week of reducing the amount of time to take a shower it’s been pretty hard. I was a person that used to take showers for 45 min and when was done I used to fill my bathtub with water and I would stay there pretending I was at the beach. Here is a picture that shows what it looked like; it’s not my picture but it’s exactly what I used to do.

Relaxing, and pretending I was at the Beach.

This week I reduced the amount of time I spent in the shower even though it has been tough it has also been amazing because now I don’t have my brother and my mother knocking on my door telling me to hurry up. I am really surprised at how much time I have left because I normally have like 15 to 20 minutes after I take showers because I have to go to church but this week I have like a lot of time where I can do other things and I don’t have to rush to get ready for church. Not only I have more time after my showers but my mother will pay less for water at the end of the month and I find it helpful to my mother because she is always telling me that I waste too much water but now I can say that I have been using my water correctly.

Honestly I have some struggles because I am used to taking really hot showers and I still do but its so hard to get out of the shower when you have hot water that feels so good when you are showering. This week I didn’t have an exact time of how long my showers were going to be, but hopefully next week I will. Her is a video gives a really good example of how I used to fill my bathtub after I took a shower. And lastly hopefully next week I will have more information on how my project is going.