How is it going post #2

Hey guys I’m back with a little update on my Do One Thing project. This past week has been pretty hard. Plastic bags are EVERYWHERE. It’s crazy how Inever noticed before. Now I know your probably asking, “How is using reusable bags hard?” Well, its harder than you think because it’s something you have to be very pursuant with. For example, making sure you have a reusable bag with you every time you go to the store. When I was in the store I had a very interesting conversation with my mother about my project.

Mom: “Laura why did you choose this project?”

Me: “Because you never know about something till you actually put your mind to it. Also, I never knew that this one was of the reasons why the animals are dying so fast and suffering.”

Mom: “That’s very interesting.”

For more information you can click environment.

Now this photo here is very sad because as we see it is showing how plastic is affecting our poor animals and our environment. They are helpless and it is our job to care for them; they are a part of an ecosystem too. I will keep you updated with my DOT Project each week. Thanks for reading!