How it’s going so far

So far my Do One Thing Project is going well. The only problem is that sometimes I see someone eating meat but if they play force me to eat, it will make me hungry and it makes me want to eat meat. Ever since I started going vegetarian, I've eaten meat once, which is BAD. I was at a restaurant having a good time when I ordered a steak. I was halfway through it when I got a notification on my phone from Medium and I realized what I had just eaten and what my project was.

I think that going vegetarian is and is not hard for me. It is hard because whenever I tell someone I’m vegetarian they do anything to try to get me to eat meat, which has happened to me. As well as sometimes I forget what my project is. It isn’t that hard because in my case if no one gives me meat or anything then I won’t eat it, which makes it easier. If I see someone eating meat then it won’t bother me unless people play force me to eat it. Hopefully by the second week I will be more accustomed to my new way of living.

My favorite meal I had so far since I became vegetarian is eggs with tortillas. Some benefits of eating eggs are that it has protein, which gives you strong muscles. It contains vitamins that give you a healthy brain and good energy production. It also gives you healthy eyesight.