Last post!

Hey guyssss! This will be my last post on Medium and just to let you know I’m so grateful for everyone who reads it and recommends it. Everything went smoothly again last week— no meat. Everything went well and for the first time since starting this project, when I went to my grandmother’s house it wasn’t tempting to eat meat. Also I have just basically been eating salad and drinking healthy smoothies. I recommend it to people because it was filling and a good option to avoid meat.

A recommendation I have for you if you do change your diet and aren’t used to the changes so much just go to stores like Trader Joe’s and get beef-less meat. Another option is just don’t surround yourself with meat and instead of going to like Chipotle go to Cava. I’m also so happy and thankful I got to do this project because it has benefited me in many ways.

  • I’m more active now
  • I get full fast
  • I know how much food I need and what is good for me and what I should stay away from.

Impact: Well one of the biggest impact that this project has giving me is limiting how much food I consume. Qualitatively speaking I avoided 16 oz of chicken and 8 oz of fish in 28 days. Also in a year I would be avoiding 13 pounds of chicken and 6.5 pounds of fish.

If you ever want to see my data here it is.

From here I will stop this project but I will still be watching what I eat and how much I eat. I will also start eating meat again but I won’t be getting a lot or overdoing it. I’m not positive but I feel like I’m I might keep tracking all the meat I eat.

Thank you for your time have a good one and I hope this helped you in some type of way.

Bye Bye guys sorry I have to leave!!!!!! ;(