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How hard can it be?I Answered it

Inspired by Angel Martinez {OA}

In my second week I have been having a little trouble with recycling. You know how when they say practice makes perfect but practice makes it a little harder to keep up. It’s been a little harder to keep convincing my parents and family to recycle but it is my project so it’s kind of my excuse to get them back on track. Besides that it’s kind of tiring to figure out what the recycling centers accept or not but as Eleanor Roosevelt once said “ Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.” She is right — always keep on going with what you start unless you think it’s wrong.

I know things that are new can be difficult but just look at what I’m doing. I have never recycled before and it was fun trying to do it at first then you just keep on doing it because its a great habit and it’s helping not only you it’s helping others notice that this isn't about you it’s about the environment and its going to persuade others to do it because they care about earth too.

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