Not all milk is created the same….

Ever since I Started going vegan I’ve been inspired to try different types of foods and drinks. I’m usually a Blue Diamond Almond milk guy, drinking milk from those Californian almonds. I was wondering what else was out there, so I tried two other brands. Here are my findings.

I’ve noticed that ever since switching brands of almond milk, it has way more sugar then when I used to drink it before I became vegan. I started thinking this morning when I was pouring the milk to my Cheerios, it was like I put sugar in my cereal. To be exact it had 16g of sugar. I was shocked it had so much sugar. I don’t want to be a diabetic. After drinking Silk milk I’ve realized that I need to think about going back to my old Blue Diamond Almond Milk.

The point I am trying to make is that all almond milk tastes different; it’s all not the same. Some people buy the cheaper version thinking that is going to taste the same even though it doesn’t I learned that today. Now every time my mom buys almond milk she checks the nutrition labels because too much sugar is not healthy for the body. So please, if you choose to buy milk, check the nutrition labels to see the levels of sugar. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. And remember, always be RELAXED.

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