Plastic and Paper Are Everywhere!

Multiple times a week I go outside of my apartment building at night searching for recyclable trash on the ground. I have been really lucky finding plastic and paper but not so much in aluminum and glass. Apparently no one throws their glass and aluminum on the ground.

I really wanted to recycle all the different materials so eventually I had a talk with my family about going somewhere really far away to find glass. My mom was happy to know I was doing my project but angry that we had to go really far away. My mom and I took the metro to Silver Spring searching for any materials that were recyclable in the streets. We found some glass and aluminum that were mostly non-broken/destroyed that could be useful for anything. I felt really happy as I headed home on the metro with my mom and my bag of materials. I was protecting our world from any danger and preventing the destruction of our environment.

My class did fieldwork on the Potomac River and we found a baby doll head in the rocks by the river. That doll probably ended up in a sewer that went to the river and would have gone to the ocean. Eighty percent of trash in the ocean comes from the activities on land. I am surprised to learn that 80% of ocean trash comes from the land. I am recycling some of that trash on land to prevent it from going to the sewers and to the rivers and ultimately to the ocean.