Plastic here, Plastic there, Plastic everywhere

More things are made out of plastic than you think. Every day I make a lunch to bring to school because school lunch sucks. So everyday I will usually bring a granola bar. And you’re thinking, “So…what does this have to do with plastic?” Well, you see granola bars are wrapped in plastic and so is almost every other thing you buy at the grocery store. When you go to the grocery store, the normal person will go to the produce aisle. In the produce aisle you will most likely get greens or fruit, which you then will put directly into a plastic bag to bring home. You probably didn’t think about that, now did you?

Don’t Be this person

It’s not so hard when you’re a kid to avoid plastic because after my parents bring home all that produce, I don’t see those plastic bags. So as an adult I can image how much harder it would be. Just the other day, to be specific last Thursday, I had dance class then straight after I took the metro to my rehearsal. In between I usually get food. That specific day I stopped at Chipotle on the way to dance. I realized I had totally forgotten to bring silverware. I couldn’t take the silverware from Chipotle because that would have been against my project. Lucky for me my friend Eva was with me and she was able to lend me her metal that she had from lunch.

Be this person!

One small fork does make a difference. It’s super easy to keep that silverware that you got at Chipotle, bring it home to use it again. Or have some non disposable silverware. Bring lunch from home in a glass or non disposable container. Have a reusable water bottle. The question is not, “Can you make the change?” The question is, “Will you make the change?”

“Wow Elena that was deep.” I know but those small actions can help. Thanks for reading.