rural sabotage

This last weekend was my birthday. I went on a trip to the Savage River, Maryland to catch some trout. We stayed in a cabin for two nights and we went fishing for basically two and a half days. I know you probably think, “Wow that’s not a very vegan thing to do,” and “What’s the relevance of this trip to being vegan?” Well, I understand that it’s not very vegan to fish but just know that we were planning to release all the fish. Now the relevance of this story and being vegan is the following.

We were fishing all Saturday in the cold going from spot to spot. That morning I had nothing to eat because of how excited I was to go fishing. It was a long and frustrating day of fishing.

We decided to go back to the cabin at about five in the afternoon when our hands were so numb that even if a fish got on we wouldn’t be able to feel it. On our way back to the cabin we decided to stop at the local tackle shop and market to get some snacks as we hadn’t eaten all day and had all of our energy drained. Before I go any further, keep in mind that the area in which we were in was very rural. So, we go in the store, immediately saw two confederate flags and a zero dollar bill with Barack Obama’s face on it, so as you can probably imagine, we were in a bit of a rush to be in and out real quick. I grabbed a bag of chips, a Gatorade, and we were on our way. Then I realized I forgot to check the ingredients and sure enough there were several types of dairies.

This is how I already failed my DOT but I will persevere anyway and I still think this project hasn’t been too hard.