Second Week: Guh.

Avoiding single-use plastic when shopping is difficult to say the least

So as a person trying to completely avoid single use plastics from any source I am trying to decrease my contribution to landfills. Whether it be on my lollipop or containing my juice, all that plastic goes to the same putrid (well not close to wasting away) place. This week was a complete pain since I had to go shopping and during this shopping spree I had to bring roughly 5 pounds of reusable bags and every time the cashier asked me “Do you you want a bag?” I smiled and had the same reaction. “NO THANK YOU,” while inside I was thinking:

This lead to a serious conflict with myself as I had to carry around everything and not have the semi-comfortable plastic handles I’m used to. Seeing as how I was doing roughly and was still collecting plastic, I consulted with my classmate who lives in the same building as I and is doing the same project (See: Oris Flores) and he told me that he feels the same internal pain as he has to buy for a larger family therefore carry around more bags and items.

He and I carry around roughly 5–10 reusable bags with us every time we have to go shopping but luckily found an easier way to reduce our consumption of single use plastics: home-cooked meals! Although we still need ingredients and certain products from the market we can reduce weekly consumption by making meals that will last and we can reheat as left-overs.

Thus my week concludes as I still struggle to keep my quota as is evident by my data. In conclusion, I will continue my adventure/challenge and keep on posting. Angel, Out!