So Far So Good

This is the third week of my vegan Do One Thing project. I still haven’t eaten any meat and this week I’ve been completely clean. There have been times when I am craving pizza or good steak but I have restrained from those “needs.”

Some challenges I did not think of when going into the vegan DOT project is the fact that when looking for a vegan option in a menu, you pass several tempting, non-vegan meals and you can’t help but look at the description. For each word you read, the hungrier you get for that meal that would fracture your DOT project. Lucky for me, I’ve shaken those cravings off and just go with something vegan like a salad. After that first instance of scrolling through a menu at a restaurant, I decided that from then on out I would only eat from home until the DOT project is over.

This week was a bit of a struggle but I made it out without guilt of damaging my DOT project. I will report in the next week how this week that I’m writing this went, but for now here’s a link to the documentary, Cowspiracy, which inspired me to go vegan for my DOT.